CMS Functions

Content management system Principal Solutions CMS

With the basic version of Principal Solutions CMS web publishing becomes easy and successful. A CMS user has all the prerequisites for the fruitful work with the site. Principal Solutions CMS was designed with a glance to the major trends in search engine optimization. In its development the data about user behavior in the Internet was used. In addition, Principal Solutions CMS is based on the principles of basic functionality.

Principal Solutions CMS is a simple system. To use the CMS for the optimization from Principal Solutions you do not need to be familiar with programming, know and be able to write html codes. Principal Solutions CMS is fully and entirely allocated online, and that gives the opportunity to work with it regardless of your location. There is no need to install, configure or modify Principal Solutions CMS - our skilled technical support will fulfill all these tasks for you.

Principal Solutions CMS is suitable for SEO. It meets the requirements of search engines for the design and technical part of the site. Content management system is friendly to the main search engines. Principal Solutions CMS follows the guidelines of almost all the major search engines, including Google and Yahoo. Our CMS meets the requirements of search engines for the appearance of pages, code cleanliness, and the structure of web resource (including optimal internal redirect, headings and other elements of on-page structure, which are considered as positive factors by the search engines).

Principal Solutions CMS user friendly network. At an early stage we hold consultations, where we tell about the behavior of Internet users, giving practical guidance and advice which result in the desired goal: the user finds your site in the internet and in there – the required information.

Principal Solutions CMS is individual. Your requirements for the set and the structure of functions of CMS are recorded at the very beginning of work. Websites - are the business card of the company, so they must show individuality and the unique style of the particular company. Starting with the design of the site and finishing with individual CMS for a specific customer, adding additional modules or their development and implementation, all in one way or another leads to one goal: to mark out the site and make it noticeable among millions and billions of other pages of World Wide Web.

Affiliate Programs Module

Module for connecting affiliate programs Affilishop module in Principal Solution CMS – is a module for affiliate programs. It gives a...

CMS and Meta Tags

Do not forget about meta tags. First of all, search engines pay attention to the invisible areas in the so-called <head> sector of the...

CMS Support

Functionality warranty Principal Solution’s team guarantees a full performance of its CMS, in accordance with the requirements...

CMS Templates

Templates as reasonable necessity Principal Solutions CMS supports special web page templates, which simplifies working with the website. Of...

Demonstration Projects

CMS by Principal Solutions could not exist without the successful projects based on it. Each standard module of Principal Solutions CMS is tested...

Hosting requirements

Hosting requirements Principal Solutions CMS is designed in such a way, that it uses the resources of host minimally. There is no need to rent...

Online operation

Work with your site online Forget about FTP and other systems of uploading information to the site. All the functions in Princ Solutions CMS...

Price and payment

Fixed price for Principal Solutions CMS Principal Solutions offers complete control over expenses from the beginning. The price of CMS for...

Short URLs

URL for search engines Content management system, based on data bases - as well as CMS, which work with users’ databases - often face...


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