Affiliate Programs Module

Module for connecting affiliate programs

Affilishop module in Principal Solution CMS – is a module for affiliate programs. It gives a possibility for creation unique content and optimization of the website for searching systems. Recently, it is possible to find numerous affiliate portals and resources. The boom of the affiliate programs became possible due to the simple way of data transmission, which is stipulated by the affiliate programs. Any web site can access and publish on its pages offers for sale with detailed descriptions and illustrations. It is talked about CSV files and XML data transfer. With their help website owners can add to their pages commercial offers from the other resources. In that case website acts as an intermediary between the owner of the product and the end user. Publication of the detailed business proposals on the site, even in some way reduces the cost of creating content for the site. It happens because the search engines take into account numerous pages of affiliate programs in their search and index pages even with another's data. Use of the own content on such pages is usually minor and includes titles and brief descriptions in the meta-data field.

Affilishop module in Principal Solutions CMS takes into account such circumstances. With its help website owners can easily export data of the particular product vendor and include it in the structure of their own resource. At the same time offers from various major affiliate programs can be sorted according to the profile of your site, and then built into the site structure in the most relevant positions. Such an approach would ensure the correct choice of the range of offers for the visitor of your page.

As already mentioned, individual meta-data settings are available for each page of the commercial site. Besides that, the owner of Affilishop module can also process the content of the imported data and complement it on his own discretion. For search engines that are not always willing index pages with partner links, link codes are masked in a special way to make them invisible. Thus the portal avoids punishment for the dubbed content and does not lose its position in the Internet search.

Self-tuning of the selection of the products from the catalogs of affiliate programs, own structure when creating online-shop, unique metadata, unique category descriptions and the possibility to edit all the parameters of the product – these factors form the field of the really unique assortment of goods and services, which can be offered by the website owner resource. The list of Affilishop features becomes even more impressive when it is added the availability of commercial pages for search in Google and other search engines. The possibility to create a separate page for each proposal, which is represented in the individual CMS by Principal Solutions, is especially convenient.


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