Short URLs

URL for search engines

Content management system, based on data bases - as well as CMS, which work with users’ databases - often face the problem of generating names for internal pages. These names are called «URL addresses». URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Many systems create URLs for pages by default, in accordance with their own parameters and settings. However, the more ramified the data base structure is, the more structured URL will be. Sometimes comes it reaches the point the process of generating the url appear characters, which can not be recognized by search services. Or, what is even worse, the complexity of the URL structure can be recognized by search engine as duplicate content. In particular, this shortcoming can be often found in a number of management systems of on-line shops. Their system generates an URL and contains numerous variables. As a result, search engines in their results rank the websites of such online stores much worse than the sites with the correct URL addresses. Nevertheless, virtually at all the sites this shortcoming can be fixed, however it requires special «know how».

CMS for SEO chooses a short URL

Search engines like short, monosyllabic URL addresses – just like those created by the CMS for SEO by Principal Solutions. URL address in this CMS are optimized to the requirements of search engines. The problem of dual content, which occurs because of poor recognition of the long address of the page, in the CMS for SEO is excluded. URL from Principal Solutions CMS can "speak" and the user of the CMS has an opportunity to decide what would be the URL. "Speaking" URLs implies that the system IDs, which are assigned to internal documents of the CMS, are included in the URL address from the very beginning. Thus according to the URL it is obvious in which subsection of the content the user is now. Besides that, the main search engines take key words in URL addresses into consideration as a factor that influence on the site position in the search system. That is why «Speaking» URLs are good not only for their clear address, but for their positive influence on the rank of the site in the search.

Benefits for search engines

Search engines offer a wide range of advantages for correct URL addresses. In particular, short URL addresses are one of the main requirements for including the website to the news search – Google News. Principal Solutions knows about these requirements and has taken them into account in the structure of its CMS.

«Speaking» URL has several advantages, not only for indexing by search engines. They are good for an average user, for whom it will be much easier to navigate at the website. The structure of internal pages on the site is also easier.

The site administrator, who uses the CMS for optimization should not worry about the compliance of URL addressed of his site to search engine requirements. The system generates «speaking» URLs automatically.


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