CMS and Meta Tags

Do not forget about meta tags.

First of all, search engines pay attention to the invisible areas in the so-called <head> sector of the page’s source code. These invisible fields are called meta tags. They are important for the ranking of your site in search engines.

Princ Solutions CMS allows webmaster to easily manage the meta tags on every page of the website. Because you know, a good meta tag composition gives website more chances for qualitative displaying in search engines and impacts on the ranking of web pages in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Simple forms, provided in CMS for entering metadata, ensure that the webmaster will not forget to add to his page such important elements of the site as title, meta-description and meta-keywords.

Page validation ensures that the errors that sometimes occur when meta tags are added in absence of mind will not get to the source code. At the request of the client, all the options for meta tag input in Principal Solutions CMS can be updated and additionally customized. Regular updates guarantee compliance with the latest meta-data requirements of the search engines and take into account the latest trends in using meta tags in the field of SEO.

Princ Solutions CMS makes the <head> sector of the site safe and good for page-by-page optimization of your resource in the search engines.


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