Hosting requirements

Hosting requirements

Principal Solutions CMS is designed in such a way, that it uses the resources of host minimally. There is no need to rent a special server for our CMS. Most providers and hosting companies have tariffs, with which Principal Solutions CMS will be able to work without any problems.

Required System Configuration

Principal Solutions CMS owner needs to know the following parameters that will be useful for the correct placement at the server:

Hosting –the best will be on the Linux server with Apache and MySQL database. Windows2003 Server is also allowed.

Php4 (4.3.0 or higher) or Php5
Mysql 3.23.56 or higher
Apache server should be able to provide "mod_rewrite", or at least, to write the directory index and ErrorDocument to .htaccess.

Hosting must support the following PHP parameters, or be able to write them to .htacess:

php_flag use_only_cookie 1
php_flag use_trans_sid 0
php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off

Free space at the server must be at least 5 MB

"Zend Optimizer" must be installed at the server.

Possible hosting

System requirements listed above are supported by many hosting vendors. We will also be happy to recommend you the companies and agencies selling the Internet space, with which we have been cooperating for years as well as those ones that our customers have a positive experience of working with. These parameters can also be used among the "shared webspace" services in large and small Internet hosting vendors.

Server and system administration

Large projects with high traffic and multistep functions may require special root server or managed server. Our system administrator will be happy to provide you with knowledgeable assistance, so you don't need to worry in case if you don't have a specialist in this field.


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