Online operation

Work with your site online

Forget about FTP and other systems of uploading information to the site. All the functions in Princ Solutions CMS are interactive. Content management in CMS by Princ Solutions is carried out online. If you want to add new content, you can just login with your username into the system. Online operation allows you to obtain access to the administration area of the site from any computer. If you have access to the Internet, it does not matter where you're on the planet. Virtually all the functions of CMS can be configured in your personal user area - backend.

New pages will not be initially created on a computer, and then uploaded via FTP to the website server. In the CMS by Princ Solutions work with the design and content is divided, that allows any user to work with the content.

Images and texts are added to the site through a simple interface. CMS by Principal Solutions offers one of the best to date, Open-Source editors to enter text information. This type of editors is called Wysiwyg. This abbreviation stands for "What you see is what you get". In online content formatting, adding of new information is performed almost by itself. Today, we use Open-Source editor FCKeditor - which is considered to be the best in the world in its niche. Of course, another text editor can be also integrated in the CMS at the customer's request.

Another advantage of online operation with the site – is the information security. Now even if your computer gets «sick» and loses all the data stored on it, this will not mean that the data will be lost forever. Such function as a regular data backup is performed automatically on your server. Backup can also be additionally adjusted in your backend. In addition, the CMS user can always disclaim responsibility for the safe online operation of the site and commit it to the team of technical support of Principal Solutions.


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