CMS Modules

Individual functions of CMS in different modules

Principal Solutions CMS has modular structure. Each module is connected with the "engine" - the heart of the system. Each module in the Principal solutions CMS can be integrated on a separate page according to individual customer needs. Modules allow to optimize your site at most according to the customer requirements and use different types of settings and parameters for displaying certain elements of web pages.

Modular structure provides the ability to create as much unique sites as companies are unique among themselves. Due to a large selection of various functions in the modular CMS, maximum personalization of Internet projects of the company can be achieved. However, Principal Solutions CMS - is not the final version of content management system. Each page of the website is developed separately.

Many useful functions, which are usually available in different content management system, are brought together in CMS from Principal Solutions. Wide range of options for your site - it is a standard for Principal Solutions CMS. For example, such functions as, short url address or automatically generated site map are necessary to consider CMS effective in optimizing the website in search engines.

Standard modules are created using the technical solutions which allow to avoid unwanted contacts. They help CMS user to get rid of flow of spam. Spam protection includes such modules as contact form or news subscription. All of them are managed by the user through the admin area of CMS (backend). Thus, the site administrator can easily filter out the spam users.

Existing modules can be easily installed as additional options. They are easily integrated as required in the Principal solutions CMS. You want to expand the functionality of your CMS - we are in a constant work on its improvement. There is a possibility to develop additional modules to the Principal solutions CMS at the request of the client, and that will make the company’s page even more individual.

CMS Localization

Website administration in several languages CMS for SEO by Principal Solutions can have multiple language versions. Both in backend -...

Directory Structure

Deep directory structure support Principal Solutions CMS supports an arbitrarily deep directory structure. When developing the design it is...


Setting rights for different users User groups rights management is one of the major stumbling blocks in the development of any CMS. But not...


Multiple domains management in backend Principal Solutions CMS can simultaneously manage multiple domains with different content. Editing...

News Module

Regular news updates Each company has its own news, which needs to be published, but which is difficult to integrate into the structure of...

Newsletter Module

The newsletter module is standard for each version of CMS by Principal Solutions. Newsletter is an important element of interaction with visitors...

Photo Gallery Module

Online photo gallery management It is not an easy task to make indexation of photos from the site available for major search engines. One of...

RSS Module

Updates for the website visitors: RSS feed RSS feeds - one of the functions from the set of advanced Internet technologies, which are united...

Sitemap Generator

Automatic sitemap Sitemap generator is an integral part of the basic version of Principal Solutions CMS. Each document or a web page can be...


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