Sitemap Generator

Automatic sitemap

Sitemap generator is an integral part of the basic version of Principal Solutions CMS. Each document or a web page can be displayed automatically if so desired, and be accessible via the sitemap file.

Sitemap is useful for web page visitors as well as search engines. Sitemap, as another way of navigating the site, is especially effective for large sites. It simplifies the search of a document or page when a user searches for a specific topic. Sitemap simplifies finding (indexation) of pages for search engines. Site Map helps in indexation of pages that are located deep in the structure of the site, i.e. those, that can be found at a distance of 3-4 clicks from your homepage.

Creating a sitemap manually requires a lot of time. In the CMS by Principal Solutions this work is carried out by a sitemap generator function. Site maps generator automates the process of creation the sitemap file and frees the website administrator from the tedious monotonous procedure.

Many search engines recommend sitemap for a successful ranking in their search. Among them are market leaders Google and Yahoo. Among the other recommendations from Google – the number of links on a single page should not exceed 100. Principal Solutions CMS takes these standards into account as well. If there are more than 10 links on a single page, sitemap will be automatically divided into additional pages. However you can select an additional option in the user area: the number of links on a page. Thus, the webmaster gets rid of worries about the size and appearance of the sitemap. Sitemap generator guarantees an appropriate control.


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