CMS Localization

Website administration in several languages

CMS for SEO by Principal Solutions can have multiple language versions. Both in backend - administrator area, and in the frontend - on-line version, which the visitors of the website see - languages and character sets can be integrated and customized.

CMS backend localization

Due to a simple mechanism of translation, backend of Principal Solutions CMS can be configured in many different languages. Thus, content editors from different countries can receive backend in their native languages. Translations of fields and areas of backend can be performed using a special form for translations, integrated into CMS.

Frontend localization

The function of CMS localization makes it possilbe to set up languages not only for the administrator area, but also for the frontend. Localization is possible for standard navigation elements, as well as for elements with huge text content. The parameters of all these elements can be set in the backend translation form. For example, texts for the Flash-elements can be translated to the proper languages, if desired. Of course, all the necessary parameters of the character set (charset) will be kept, so that the font of the website will be displayed correctly in a browser.

Translations of some elements can be carried out by the site owner himself. They can be fixed and changed at any time. This work can also be performed by the translators of Principal Solutions on request.


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