Photo Gallery Module

Online photo gallery management

It is not an easy task to make indexation of photos from the site available for major search engines. One of the CMS tasks – is to make the representation of photos at your site convenient for users as well as search engines. Photos in the Internet require a certain level of security. You must be sure that the owners of other sites that publish your pictures will not forget to specify the owner of the photo. Indeed, respect of the basic rights, adopted in the network, is one of the priorities of the Principal Solutions CMS. Photos and other illustrations - are important elements of any web page. However, their correct ranking and indexing is still an unsolvable task for many search engines. CMS Principal Solutions makes it easier for search engines to access the photo gallery of your site, and makes adding images to your site easy and convenient Page with relatively huge images are offered for search engines – just an appropriate size that should be in the photo gallery. At the same time a certain optimization is available for each page with a photo, and that will help search engines to find your images easily and use them in their searches.

Directly when loading into the database, each image can be marked with a watermark, a symbol of your site. Images in the photo gallery can be sorted by the subject areas. Authors can leave their contact details, information about the quality of images as well as original parameters of a picture in the special text fields.

The site owner decides whether he wants to provide website visitors with the pictures of original size without watermark. An administrator also set the rights for image download. Integrated system Micropayment allows to make photo gallery a paid service. In this case the visitor will need to pay a fee to the author of the photo in order to download a full size image. <<Comments>> feature allows visitors to comment pictures.

Photo gallery is available as an integrated CMS module as well as an individual resource. Photo gallery module is now in the testing stage, so it is not offered as a permanent CMS module yet.

Frame installation function is also available on customer’s request, and it makes possible to track whether you images are being used on other websites (for example, at forums).


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