SEO / SEM Coaching

You have editorial and technical teams that are in charge of the technical condition and content updates on the site. But at the same time you would like to use the additional know-hows to achieve great results from the presence of your company in the network, wouldn’t you? Then those whom you really need at this moment- are experienced professionals in the field of SEO and SEM, they can make your site well-known and popular.

Principal Solutions' team is ready to help. Professionals offer you a package of SEO / SEM coaching, which includes the following actions:

1. Determination of the status (baseline): statistical analysis and selection of programs for optimal statistical attendance calculation and conducting advertising campaigns.

2. Goal setting coaching: You tell us what goals are prior for you. And together we develop the optimal scenario of your resource development.

3. SEO analysis of web pages, such as optimal link structure of the site, links to external content, user behavior and communications with users.

4. SEM – Campaigns Analysis: evaluation of available data to set specific targets and objectives.

5. Workshop and presentation of the actual state: in this workshop a potential of your pages optimization is determined and a detailed explanation of the available statistics is given.

6. Master classes with your employees: we will hold a series of training sessions on various topics: technology, content management, link building, user conversion.

7. Maintenance: while your employees put their new skills to use, we will provide you with necessary monitoring services in maintenance and support. If necessary, our specialists will help to identify errors. During coaching, we always keep in touch with the customer and answer all his requests.

8. Results monitoring: During coaching, we make intermediate reports on the results of the work. Upon completion of the course we provide a full report with results and a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of each of the methods applied.

As the requests and the necessary actions for their implementation are highly dependent on the goals, we do not offer coaching services in one package and a common price. However we can estimate cost right after goal-setting. Immediately after the determination of them, we can specify the final cost of coaching.


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