SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization has nothing to do with optimization, which is being conducted by such search engines as Google or Yahoo. SEO optimizes the site in accordance with the guidelines of search engines. The main purpose of SEO – is the improvement of the position of sites in search results of major search engines and making them searchable.

Search engine optimization has three important tasks. On the one hand, it concerns making sites maximum readable for search engines. Robots or «spiders» of search engines, which are exploring the Internet in search of content, can recognize the structure of sites in different ways: infinitely or selectively. It depends on the quality of website’s source code. Programming may, respectively, improve or worsen the position of web pages in search results. The second key area - it is the content of the website. In fact, search in the Internet is based on keyword search. And these keywords must be represented on the pages that the webmaster wants to see in search results. A whole range of different criteria determines the successful ranking of pages in the keyword search. The third area is only indirectly related to your own website. It is all about page promotion, PR-actions, etc. Simply put, this is link building, which creates interest to your web site using links from the other Internet resources.

SEO - is not a secret science that stands apart from the rest of web marketing. In an era of search engines, SEO - is an urgent need. Nevertheless, not everyone can pay for own search engine optimization services. It was used by many pseudo-SEO agencies. Using fragmentary knowledge and a set of fashionable words, they can confuse a potential customer even during the process of telephone calls. However, in order to perform a high-quality SEO a clear view of the site should by obtained. And the clarity must first be presented in the mind of the client.

Those, who can not clearly describe how they intend to promote the site in search engines, are unlikely to be able to carry out the work for the efficient optimization. The analysis of the site is performed the first, then consultation, and only after that- a real practical advice on optimization. SEO - is not a one-time service. This work needs a certain continuity, which requires by the continuous changes in the algorithms of search engines. SEO - is a regular aid in servicing, consultation and ongoing work on the site. Do not expect quick results from SEO, but the subsequent effect will bring real benefits.

Principal Solutions CMS was deliberately created as a content management system, focused on search engine optimization. This CMS is able to facilitate the implementation of a number of SEO-tasks - and not at the expense of other functions that help to attract customers and increase traffic using search engines in the long run. In addition, Principal Solutions will be happy to consult those, whose pages are based on outdated CMS or design of which requires serious revision. Besides that, we work closely with other active partners in the field of SEO, that are likely to be able to provide you with services in a particular promotion area, which you are interested in, whether it will a site about construction , or a portal of travel agency.

Off-Page SEO

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