SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM means a certain set of actions for the promotion of a site via advertising activities in the Internet. Search marketing is most frequently mentioned in conjunction with contextual promotion - advertising site using services like Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network. Sometimes SEM combines search marketing, which includes the development of advertising campaign, search and purchase of paid links, paid registrations and search engine optimization, which works primarily with the configuration of pages of your site for better results in Google and other search engines. Nevertheless, SEM – is an independent area, where the knowledge of SEO is welcome but not necessary.

Search advertising - it is primarily sponsored links or contextual advertising. When purchasing a place for displaying links from the major search engines, the owner of the site can achieve very effective results in moving site to the first place on given keywords. This method of advertising in the Internet stipulates a particular cost for every click – the advertiser pays for each user, who has followed the link to the sponsor website.

One of the objectives of SEM - is turning a simple website visitor to a buyer of goods or services. There are a number of technologies that convert simple transfers on contextual ads to your site into real purchase orders. According to our experience in creating advertising campaigns on the Internet should take into account the following:

Keywords selection. Not every position number one in search results gives the desired effect. Effect can often be inverse, when users, who search for an exclusive product, get to your page and don’t find what they are looking for. Such a situation can occur even if the keyword is suitable according to all the other parameters.

Analysis of the seasonal effect: the products and services of many companies have a seasonal demand. Using the methods of SEM, you can track down fluctuations in working days and seasons. In order to avoid the high number of «empty» transfers and low conversion, the advertising campaign should be managed, depending on the season.

Statistics monitoring: unlike the printed media, the Internet provides an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the behavior of the consumers. An advertiser can get an accurate calculation of costs for each customer; find out the cost of sales organization, the cost of communicating with the client, and so on. Detailed statistics allow to effectively manage advertising campaigns. However, it is very important that the numbers, obtained statistically, will be transcribed correctly.

Analysis and optimization of landing pages (pages, where a potential customer gets after a click). User behavior in the Internet looks very spasmodically. The user leaves the page almost immediately, if he was not offered the required information. In order to match the expectations of the visitor, all the elements and navigation of the page must convince him that he is in the right place.

In our view, SEM - is always an integrated process. Individual actions are not effective in the long run. Success in promoting of your products in the Internet depends on the simultaneous participation in the project development of all the professionals: SEM, SEO, web designers and offline marketing analysts. In this case, you can be sure that the army of your competitors will be left behind and you'll be in the highest league. In order to reach success in a particular market segment you need to be flexible. Rough actions are obvious to most competitors at once.

Successful SEM is always in a constant process of improvement. The current analysis of existing campaigns, and the reaction to the new trends in the behavior of Internet users - is an urgent need.

Principal Solutions’ team has experienced SEM specialist. We will be happy to arrange the contact or combine the different service areas to a "single-source" package.


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