CSS Layout

Template creation

Web page template is determining for a web site. Success or failure of a resource on a template. While web design - is something more than just technical issues (structure, usability, appearance, etc.), the creation of a template belongs exclusively to the area of technical solutions.

Some years ago developers decided to make web site templates "lean" – i.e. to liberate the source code of a web page from unnecessary ballast. This approach provides several advantages to web site visitors. Thus, the load time of pages for search engines is decreasing. The load of search engines for determination of the source code of the pages and identifying useful content is reduced. The technology, which allows solving such problems in called CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. Formatting, which was previously created for every pages, today is written once and saved in the external file.

Despite the fact, that CSS layout is considered to be one of the most promising and convenient way to work with the code, there is still not so many qualified professionals in the IT sphere, who really mastered this technique. Good templates can be quite complex for development.

Principal Solutions works with its own staff of professionals, who are experts in CSS layout and creating templates. CSS coders willing start working on additional orders, which include the development of templates for existing projects in the network. There is also a wide range of designers and programmers in Principal Solutions' team, who can be involved in the development of high-quality templates. Because practical and beautiful templates can be created only by professionals.


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